PT WASECO TIRTA is an Indonesian Engineering and Management Consulting Company providing services specifically for Water Supply, Sanitation and the Environment under the name of WASECO.

WASECO was established in 1984, aiming at contributing more substantially and more specifically to the development of the country in the fields of water resources development and management, water supply, sanitation and environmental.

As an engineering and Management consulting company, WASECO provides services to the Client: Government Agencies and State Own Industrial Company; International Financial Agency, the Private Industrial Companies, i.e. Petrochemical, Chemicals, Pharmaceutical Industries, Manufacturing Industries, Municipal Water Supply Enterprises, Real Estate, Industrial Estate, etc.

Management services offered by WASECO is covered in the Enterprise Performance Development Services. This includes management assistance on project planning, implementation and evaluation, accounting and finance systems design and implementation, Project disbursment scheduling and also management audit. The services have been provided to PDAMs under DIP and Donor Agencies financed.

In line with environmental issues arose within this decade and to support services provided by the company, since 1992 Waseco set up cooperation with an environmental laboratory PT UNILAB PERDANA. This is an independent organization specialized in providing analytical laboratory for environmental aspects such as: water sampling and analysis,
biology, air and sediment. UNILAB hold registered certificate from KAN (National Accredited Committee) number LP-195-IDN dated 31 January 2004 valid until 20 January 2008, and operational permit from Provincial Government of DKI Jakarta dated 14 July 2004.